About us

About Us

Amplify the Anthems was born out of a desire to change the music industry for the better. We believe that over recent years the music industry has become dominated by conglomerates and moguls who often end up with too much influence and power over what we listen to. It’s mused that popular music has become commercially manufactured, and TV talent shows should not be the only way to succeed. We believe all artists deserve the chance to have their music heard. We offer a platform for musicians to receive equal and fair royalties from their sales, exposure to a vast audience and guidance in what can be a notoriously difficult industry to crack.


‪This is the second digital revolution in music. We are not aiming to change the way people listen to music, but simply what they’re listening to. Undiscovered talent is everywhere, and it’s our mission to amplify it.


Fair Music Policy

We believe in the sustainability and growth of the UK music industry and because of that reason, our ethos is to support rather than exploit. Artists can expect payment of up to 100% of sales – the best royalty system on the web! We ensure you get the best deal so you can focus on creating and perfecting your art, giving birth to the Amplify Music Policy.