ELECTROBUDDHA, A MUSICAL HISTORY... Mark McCaffer started his music interest at the age of five on getting a toy drum kit from his parents for Christmas. By about age of eight Mark took up the accordion and was by then reading music too. Aged 15, the album that changed Mark's life was 'The Crossing' by Scottish rock band Big Country. This album inspired Mark to want an electric guitar and start to write his own material. It wasn't until Mark was about 17 that he could fulfil his dream of owning an electric guitar. With the Guitar Case Chordbook, Mark taught himself some basic chords and started out writing some terrible first songs! By 21 Mark had formed Airdrie band King Liberty and wrote and recorded their own material with that band and played locally in Lanarkshire, Scotland.By 22 years old, Mark was a frontman and rhythm guitarist with Glasgow based grunge outfit - 'Slacker'.They entered a BBC Radio 1 Rock Wars contest and came 3rd in the UK for their track 'Shotgun Saviour'. In 1993, Mark entered Strathclyde University majoring as a vocalist and was taught by the legendary female Scottish vocalist Lorna Brooks. Lorna put Mark in touch with Horse McDonald, and Mark toured with her as a backing vocalist in a tour in winter '96. This tour culminated in a massive gig at the Edinburgh Hogmanay (New Year) Show going out live around the world to approximately 18 million people. Mark graduated with vocal honours from Strathclyde in 1997 and two years later left for Stockholm , Sweden where he worked for four years as a stagehand / rigger and ground-rigger for Live Nation Sweden. Claims to fame were chief follow spot operator for Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a rigger for the U2 Elevation tour. It was in a Solna, Stockholm bedsit that Mark formed the idea of what is now known as Electrobuddha. He managed to successfully fuse dance tracks with rock and bhangra sounds giving the music a quite unique sound. On returning to Scotland in 2003 Mark released 'Bleep, Whirr, Disco!' whereupon acclaimed by Scotland's Daily Record newspaper as 'The Stones meets Hendrix with James Brown on decks!' Since this time Mark has plugged away, brought Electrobuddha to a live environment mainly around Glasgow and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland where he writes music and exports it to the internet for friends and fans around the world. He is back to being solo at the moment and writes and records his music via a DAW using Sony Acid 10 programming.

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