Hello, we’re Overdog. We play intricate, melodic rock music, with an emphasis on vocal harmonies and layered guitar parts. We want to write songs that help us all be good to each other and get through the weird journey that is life.

We have a grounding in classic rock sensibilities, with a prog leaning – the groove of Rush, the guitarwork of Thin Lizzy, the creative chaos of King Crimson. Early American emo has also been an important influence – Jimmy Eat World’s heart-on-sleeve anthems, the dynamic shifts of Brand New, and the articulated prettiness of American Football. But overall, we’re a diverse bunch with diverse tastes. We hope some of that is reflected in the music.

Our live act is polished, fun and varied. We all sing on stage – sometimes catchy vocal hooks, sometimes dreamy, Fleet Foxes-style harmonies. Playing music together is our favourite thing, and we want to share that joy with you.

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