U H U R U - Electronic Duo producing gritty pop

Generating smooth synth sounds, heavy bass lines and dramatic drops. Catchy vocal melodies & hook lines combined with guitar & synth, blend together to deliver a dance-set with real power and punch.

U H U R U (pronounced 'oo-hoo-roo' ) is a Swahili word and means freedom.


Connor Daniel - Producer / Singer / Songwriter (UK/Kenya)

Rob Jones - Multi instrumentalist (UK)

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Listen to our latest single ‘Riddle’ here:


'A shining up-and-coming musical force, UHURU deliver radio-ready hits with pop perfect style. They take the perilous emotions of will they, won’t they desire and confusion, blowing them up like they’re the biggest (and only) thing in the world. Thematically, “Riddle” is somewhat akin to Justin Bieber’s smash hit “What Do You Mean,” insofar as communication breakdown is concerned. Otherwise, it’s a standalone pop banger ready to douse you with euphoria.' - ATWOOD MAGAZINE

'To put it simply, the guys are a band of the moment. Bringing together exciting sounds with vibrant-sounding tracks' - IT'S ALL INDIE

'Three minutes of effervescent electronica and slick pop production, it immediately introduces the band’s trademark style while earmarking the duo as one of the most exciting pop acts emerging at the moment.' - LOUDER THAN WAR

'The track would not go amiss on the Top 10. Here are a duo who are on a mission to liberate your mind, body, and soul' - Born Music

'British duo unleash some stellar production on this feel-good electro-pop banger' - MYSTIC SONS

'With similar producers like Snakehips and Mura Masa linking famous names to make a hit, newcomers UHURU set themselves apart from the crowd by not only having their forward thinking production down to a tee, but all the vocal work is also provided by one half of the duo, Connor Daniel. Along with multi instrumentalist Robert Jones, they have complete control over their finely crafted vision, and is represented in the duo’s name, which means ‘Freedom’ in Swahili.' - ON RECORD MAGAZINE


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