In The Spotlight: Ryan Young & The Electric Sunrise

Ryan Young & The Electric Sunrise encapsulated the Amplify The Anthems team ever since the first day we spoke to Ryan on Twitter. He is the only artist to have asked we pass a music test before he would begin communications or look to organise a gig. The shock of him being ready to instantly dismiss us dependent on our views of Johnny Cash made our ears stand to attention, eager and intrigued to hear him live. 6 months later he played a solo acoustic performance on the main stage AND acoustic stage for us at Roundhay Park, blowing the minds of the thousands in attendance. To this day, we are still mesmerised each time the South Yorkshire lad opens his mouth and lets out some of the most Rocking blues you will ever hear this side of the pond!

We caught up with Ryan (El Patrón) & Lewis (Lead Guitar) to hear what they’ve been up to. 

For the people who don’t know you, tell us a little about Ryan Young & The Electric Sunrise.

Ryan: For those most unfortunate not to know about us, Ryan Young & The Electric Sunrise are a 5 piece late night rock n roll bluesy groovin’ band.

Tell our readers in three words what your sound is.

Ryan: Id say this band has a huge sound, the songs are all fundamentally Rock N Roll blues, but the influence now has been twisted and moulded over the last year or so to fit that deep south Tennessee country rock n roll vibe mixed with an ‘LA woman’ Doors sound. It’s a real combination which we all immediately started to dig.

Little more than three words there Ryan but we will let you off!

Last time we saw you live it was at Frog N Parrot, what’s been your highlights of the last 6 months?

Ryan: For me personally appearing on BBC Radio Sheffield was a huge highlight for us to go live in session, its something we’ve always wanted to do in our hometown on our rise upwards. We had a top time and the reception we got after all the press material was released was phenomenal, we had messages asking about the songs we had recorded on the day, people from all over were getting in touch and letting us know what a great job we did. It was a bit mad really nothing like that had happened to us before, you don’t really set out knowing you’ll get that sort of reception, in the morning you just kind of pick up the axe and head out and hope for the best.

Have you any exciting releases in the pipelines?

Ryan: Everything we do is exciting. I’m always getting in trouble for speaking about what we’ve got coming. However, its no secret that we are going to embark upon our first UK Tour in March, we just have no idea how long its going to last as we haven’t finished booking it yet. We do have a new single ‘Ey Ay Ey’ to be released soon, again we haven’t set a date but when we’re happy and its ready we will release it. I tell you that single is quite something as well. Id say our next single really captures our sound in its best possible light so look out for that. After the single there may be a few more singles or an EP of some sort I’m not disclosing how we are going to be releasing it we haven’t really had that chat yet. What I’m getting at is we are sitting on a second Album of material, how we release it or when, well I can’t tell you that just yet.

Lewis: We are also very keen to get a music video done, we haven’t got one of them yet we’re just waiting for funding on the fire pits and dancers in cages though.

Filth. Just total filth. We really want to do something special with a bit of a budget to set it apart. I really can’t let you know when, we’re just going to release it and let it fester like a bad smell.

Being from Sheffield tell us what your favourite venue is to play at and any stories you have from that venue..

Ryan: We have always walked out of The Leadmill and said ‘Wow how good was that the crowd, Sound’ Ect, it’s hard to pin a venue as we have played literally hundreds of gigs all over and our music raises the roof each time! Most likely my favourite would be Leadmill.

Lewis: Ryan nearly blacked out on stage only to be saved by the drummers drum kit to remind him where he was. All I will say is Strawberry Death.

What’s your favourite wateringhole/nightout spot?

Ryan: If you’re looking to bump into the Electric Sunrise boys, Lewis & I really like Frog n’ Parrot we spend a lot of time in there, chatting up the barman that is Chaddy from The Velcro Teddy Bears. We also frequent The Washington, nothing better than hitting the rum in there, we just played there on 09 March.

Lewis: Basically, you can find us in anywhere that isn’t a Wetherspoons.

You were recently on a take over on BBC Sheffield, how did that go? Anymore radio appearances coming up?

Ryan: We were, we loved it, like I mentioned we couldn’t believe the reception we got from doing that so yes we will be appearing on more radio stations but it will most likely be the BBC stations all over the UK.

Lewis: Ryan is in talks with a few producers and radio pluggers so you’ll be hearing news shortly of another appearance I’m sure.

You gave us a sneak peak of your new single ‘Ey Ay Ey’ and we have to see it is our favourite! How did this track come about?

Ryan: I don’t know why it’s so catchy, but there’s just something about it. Its catchy, when you get a song like that, the sound is so hard to perform in the correct manner and to carry it off in the right way may be difficult for a lot of bands but with that song its almost natural in our division as musicians, it’s the kind of song that hosts all of our preferred influences mixed into one song.

Lewis: Ryan wrote the lyrics in a way where he split two personas and then collided them together. So firstly you have a really funky jig, guitar track and then you’ve got the country guitar laying down an extra layer. The native indian persona Ryan has merged with kind of a young street kid looking for a girl simply just worked immediately. ‘I gotta girl she sweet with me, she walks like a woman with the world at her feet, we took our car down by the sea, spent the evening getting kinda lonely’ when he wrote those lyrics in the space of a few minutes I (Guitar) was immediately intrigued by this guitar riff I had in mind. We wrote this song at Christmas ’15 so I have no idea how the influence had landed in this realm but I’m so glad it did, because it really typifies the Electric Sunrise groove. Real groovy man really groovy.

Three tracks or artists who influence your music and how.

Lewis: Ryan would say The Doors, He’s really interested in their style and how tight as a band they were, the long instrumentals and groovy blues tracks to him where revolutionary which he has incorporated into the Electric Sunrise style. He naturally writes his lyrics in a way that may resonate with a Doors track you may have heard. 

Ryan: Lewis carries a more stripped raw rock n roll blues to the table, Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan would spring to mind. Lewis is an incredible guitarist he’s brought so much to our sound in terms of his shredding ability. He’s got an incredible gift to be able to drive a lot of our songs alone which makes it so much easier for us all to craft songs because he’s so powerful already. He gets it from artists such as Clapton and Vaughan. As I’ve given you two main artists I’ll give you a track as the final answer. ‘BB King – 3 O’clock Blues’  – Its just a song that you can listen to at 3am or 3pm it doesn’t matter if you’re a true bluesman you just know. A lot of our influence can stem from that song.  Or cocaine – Eric Clapton. I don’t fucking know there’s too many for us, I’m done with this question its sending my mind into overdrive.

What would the title of a book about your artists journey be called?

Strawberry Death & Pirate Riffs

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? Drinks, ‘moments of self realisation’, group high fives….

Ryan: I don’t think we have ever been like that for pre gig rituals. We’re all relatively calm, you’ll see us in the crown mingling and talking to family members or friends. The band always seem calm I guess that what’s so special about the lads. It’s as if they’re in their element. You’ll find Lewis backstage 30 mins before show time warming up on the Strat. I’m usually fucking pacing about selling tickets to someone who’s late. Matt and Tom are usually propping up the bar.

Lewis: Ryan and I usually go for a cigarette 20 minutes before stage time but that’s about it. It’s nice to be in a band so relaxed. We all meet 15 minutes before we go on stage side, we have a quick chat but its just Ryan dishing out some news or a plan of attack. Nothing major. 

If you were stuck on a desert island and only had three items to take with you, what would it be?

Ryan: Erm, probably Lewis Carr & His Strat.

 Pack of Cigars. 

Bottle of Rum

 (Hope – that there’s women on the island.)