In The Spotlight: Versonic

Q. First of all please can you tell us a little bit more about Stephen Connor.

A. It’s fair to say that I have taken a rather unconventional route into the music industry. I am a former Royal Marines Commando, and for the past 20 years or so, a serial entrepreneur. My music journey started by teaching myself to play guitar, subsequently getting into Songwriting in a major way around 5 years ago – mainly as an anti-dote to a mid-life crisis!

Q. Can you tell our readers in three words what your sound is?

A. Lush Pop-Rock

Q. When did Versonic first come about?

A. I put the band together in 2016 once I had 15 – 20 original song demo’s to work with. We played a few local gigs to try out the new material live, interspersed with a few crowd-pleasing rock guitar covers from the likes of Oasis, and Green Day.

Q. We can see you are the frontman of Versonic, but who else is in the band and what are their backgrounds?

A. The band evolved during the writing and recording process of the ‘Brand New Man’ album project. The main lead guitar parts on the record are played by the superlative Jordan Humber who is one of the UK’s most in demand Session Guitarists. Drums are by Ashley Rushman, our resident Online Session Drummer. My Producer, Michael Charman plays rhythm guitar and provides backing vocals and our Bass Player is the brilliant young and trendy player Zac Leveridge. It is a real privilege to have Musicians of their quality with me in the studio, and to play live with them in the band is a dream come true.

Q. There’s many comparisons of your music to Britpop, who are your inspirations when writing songs?

A. Without question my main inspiration as a Songwriter is the one and only Noel Gallagher. I have also taken inspiration from Kelly Jones and Billie-Joe Armstrong. Yes, a lot of reviews have stated that we do have a sound reminiscent of 90’s Britpop. We were recently compared to Hurricane #1 who of course had a huge hit with ‘Step into my World’ at the height of the Britpop phenomenon – so I will take that all day long.

Q. If you could go back to the Britpop mania, who would you most like to share the stage with?

A. No contest – Oasis.

Q. Brand New Man is your debut album; can we expect to see you touring it soon?

A. We are probably not well known enough to justify a tour (unless there are any forward thinking Promoters out there that fancy putting us on one!?) We are playing gigs of course, the first of which will be the main Album Launch Gig at The Black Heart in Camden on 30th August. The venue capacity is 170 so you need to get your name down on the VIP Guest List a bit lively!