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The UK's New Music Chart for unsigned artists... Launching Summer 2017

Reasons to join

New music chart

Be part of the UK’s New Music Chart and compare your success against thousands of other artists both nationally and locally. Impress labels, fans and friends with your chart topping positions.

Digital downloads

Sell your music and merch online receiving up to 100% of sales through our Amplify Music Policy. Make it easier for your fans to find what they love, your music, all in one place.

Merchandise services

Manufacture and sell Amplify/Artist branded T-shirts, Posters, Vinyls, CD’s and more. Boost your fanbase and create an extra revenue stream by advertising merch on your individual artist profile and selling it on the official Amplify store.

Increased Exposure

Reach new fans and music influencers through our Get Amplified offering, boosting your social media presence whilst being reviewed by industry professionals. Network with like minded musicians and perform with an array of new talent and styles.

Gig and private bookings

Play the venues you’ve always dreamed of and be booked for private events across the UK. Help promoters easily find you for their next New Music Night. With frequent Amplify gigs across the UK, become one of the first Amplify Artists to play at gigs and festivals.

Be rewarded

Win cash prizes, studio time, merchandise and more as a result of your New Music Chart success. Play at Amplify events across the UK as well as the Amplify Festival.

Membership Options

Whether you're a solo act, an established band or releasing your first track, Amplify the Anthems has a membership that's perfect for you.





£0.00 a month


£4.99 a month


Artist Profile





Unlimited song uploads


Tracks in the UK's No 1 unsigned music chart





Sell your music





Music Video Upload





Ad Free Profile


Discounted merchandise services


Sell merchandise on our eCommerce store


Promote & sell gig tickets


Large song file uploads (WAV up to 100mb)


Be booked for private gigs


Royalty pay out (Excl. of Processing Fees)





In the media links & fan reviews


5 day link to your profile from the homepage


1 Blog / Q&A per year


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